Second Skin



"All materials ultimately deteriorate and show signs of wear.  It is therefore inportant to create designs that will look better after years of distress"

-Andrea Zittel





 Contemporary fashion insists on the availability of choice and versality for creativity and personal expression through dress.  An external identity can be manufactured through the aquisition of mass produced fashion items that pass with trends and deteriorate quickly.  What if clothing became a personal affair? If a garment developed an active relationship to the body it clothed? How might the elimination of choice liberate  a wearer? Second Skin arises out of these questions and exists as a work of living art, which interacts with a human body and adapts over time.  Leather, a skin mankind has adopted from other animals, became a fitting vehicle for experimentation as it possesses unique quality of stretch, durability, and natural odor control.  Inspired by Andrea Zittel's Six Month Uniforms, Second Skin is intended a personal uniform which takes a unique look at simplified living and sustainability.

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